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Join us on the Moodus Meander Tour- Oct 14th!!
A tour called the Moodus Meander will take place on Saturday October 14th. The tour will start at the Ivory in Deep River (on-street parking opposite the restaurant) and will take in some fine backroads along the Connecticut river before looping up around Moodus to head back to Deep River to enjoy a bite to eat and refreshments of your choosing at the Ivory. Total distance is just over 50 miles.
We'll gather at 1:30pm for a 2 o'clock departure which should see us back at the Ivory before four. If you plan to come, please email Neville at nwardle2@comcast.net so he can send you the directions, let the Ivory know how many people might descend on them, and notify you in case of a weather issues.......
Cruise to Hopkins Vineyard - October 21st