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36th Annual CTR British Motorcar Gathering and Picnic Sunday Sept 11th 2016
The early morning weather on the day of last years Show was somewhat 'questionable', but the skies eventually cleared, the sun came out, and the Connecticut Triumph Register continued the 36 year tradition of British Motorcar Gatherings at Wickham Park in Manchester!

A nice assortment of British vehicles attended the show, here are the class winners:
Best Triumph in show: David Kulak (Bristol, CT) and his blue 1958 TR3A
Best non-Triumph in show: Richard Sabonis (Westfield, MA) and his black 1965 Jaguar E-type.
Class 10 (Land Rover/Range Rover): John Reis, green1972 Land Rover series III
Class 11 (TR2/TR3): 1st, Jim Meltzer 1959 black TR3A; 2nd Dave Kulak blue 1958 TR3A
Class 12 (TR4/4A/250): 1st Jim Olson green 1966 TR4A; 2nd Art Sides red 1964 TR4A
Class 14 (early TR6 1969-73): 1st Tom Wengler mallard blue 1973 TR6; 2nd Brian Cunningham signal red 1973 TR6; 3rd Mike Mikkelson french blue 1973 TR6
Class 15 (late TR6 1974-1976): 1st Robert Russo yellow 1976 TR6; 2nd Matthew Petuch blue 1976 TR6; 3rd Nicholas Formica red 1976 TR6
Class 16 (TR7/8): 1st David Blozie silver 1981TR8; 2nd Peter Bak silver 1981 TR7
Class 18 (Spitfire/GT6): 1st Michael Callum orange 1972 Spitfire; 2nd Michael LoRusso white 1968 GT6; 3rd Denise Griffiths french blue 1973
Class 22 (MG T series): 1st Duane Adams British racing green 1954 TF; 2nd Bob Howard sun bronze 1953 TD
Class 23 (MGA): 1st Phil Roy white 1961 MGA twin cam; 2nd Larry Amara red 1958 MGA; 3rd Rick Andisio red 1961 MGA
Class 24 (early MGB, chrome bumper): 1st Rich Sugalski red 1972 MGB; 2nd Steve Holtz red
1966 MGB-GT; 3rd Gary Dabrowski chartreuse 1974 MGB
Class 25 (late MGB, rubber bumper): 1st Gil Grimm red 1974 MGB-GT; 2nd Neville Wardle carmine 1979 MGB; 3rd Frank Amara red 1976 MGB
Class 26 (Austin Healey): 1st Robert Scalla red 1964 AH 300
Class 28 (early Jaguar up to 1979): 1st Rich Subonis black 1965 E type convertible; 2nd Bob Boettner regency red 1971 E-type 2+2
Class 29 (late Jaguar 1980 onwards): 1st Pam Bayer black 1999 XJ8
Class 30 (other British): 1st Charles Thompson grey/green 1956 MG Magnette; 2nd Steven Grundt maroon/beige 1958 MG Magnette
Class 34 (Lotus): 1st Sean Lindsay silver/black 2000 340R
Class 35 (Mini): 1st James Kircaldie dark blue 1998 Mini classic
Class 36: (Morgan): 1st Rod Griffith green 1953 Morgan plus 4
                                                                                                                SEE YOU AT THIS YEARS SHOW ON SEPTEMBER 10TH!!!

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