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Cruise to the Thimble Islands
July 23, 2011

What was predicted to be a 100 degree day turned out to be a nice summers day at the shore! After exiting I-95 and a short cruise through some Connecticut back roads, we arrived at the lovely hamlet of Stony Creek.

An enjoyable pot-luck lunch on Jane and Jerry’s second floor veranda was complimented by the wonderful views of the bay and harbour. Then after a short walk to the dock it was “All Aboard” the Sea Mist for a delightful cruise through a myriad of large and small Thimble Islands. Each island had its own unique flavour and house. The Sound breezes and occasional spray from the bow enhanced the whole experience.

After a leisurely stroll along the quay, we arrived back to Jane and Jerry’s at Tea-Time! Conveniently Matt had whipped up Belgian waffles for everyone – yummy! With fruity toppings and whipped cream plied on, they were sooo delicious.

Thanks go to Jane, Jerry, Terry and MarJean for all their planning and work to make the first CTR cruise day such an enjoyable event. As we left, it was decided that we will definitely do this again!