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2017 Annual CTR vs MG's Mini-Golf Challenge
Jay Jablonski

CTR runners-up in Miniature Golf! Our Man on the greens, Jay Jablonski, reports The annual golf competition between the Connecticut Triumph Club and the Connecticut MG Club was held on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at the world renowned Farmington Miniature Golf Course and Ice Cream Parlor. The weather was great for golf, warm and not too windy. We had a total of 13 golfers –seven from the Triumph Club and six from the MG Club. The MG club was represented by Jeff, Angela, Jen, Mike, Beth and John. The Triumph Club was represented by Janet, Ron, Eda, Neville, Susan, Jay and Linda. We had 8 British cars, 4 Triumphs and 4 MG’s, that made the trek to the golf course, parking at our specially reserved spaces. The competition was fierce. There were some great shots and also some not so great shots, over the course of the competition. Janet had three hole-inones during the course of the game. One other Triumph golfer and three MG golfers each had a single hole-in-one. There were a few times you had to duck as golf balls from a different hole came flying across the hole you were on. Most of the golfers got to try out the scoop to fish out their golf ball at the Waterfall Hole. At the end of the round, the scores were tabulated to a high degree of precision. The six MG golfers averaged 55.0, ranging from 50 to 64. The seven Triumph golfers averaged 62.0, ranging from 54 to 70. Jeff, from the MG club, shot the low score of 50. After we finished golfing, we went to Jay and Linda’s house for hamburgers and hotdogs. Their house wasn’t far from the course and the drive was over a nice twisty section of Old Farms Road. Overall, it was a great day for golf, driving our British cars and fun with friends. We look forward to next year’s tournament. Golfers and their rides
Scores in Full (* signifies hole in one) MG Club: Jeff 50, John* 53, Beth* 53, Jen* 54, Mike 56, Angela 64. Average: 55 (Holes in one: 3) C.T.R.: Jay 54, Janet*** 55, Susan* 60, Ron 61, Linda 67, Neville 67, Eda 70
Average: 62 (Holes in one: 4)