CTR Drive-in and Member Meet and Greet
Monday, May 15th @6:30 PM
Oasis Restaurant
782 Pine St. Bristol, CT
May's monthly meeting was held on May 15th at the usual venue, the Oasis Restaurant in Bristol,
but the format was quite different. In an effort to attract members to the meeting the club provided
appetisers, pizza and non-alcoholic beverages. The business part of the meeting was skipped in
favour of socializing. The weather on the day was overcast but dry and
three members decided to bring their Triumphs to the meeting: Alex and Janet Thomson came in
their GT6, Mark Barber drove his TR6 on what was for him a short trip and your editor took his
Spitfire along.

In all, 16 members came along: Mark Barber, Leon and Pat Boutellier, Dave Broder, Jay and
Linda Jablonski, Jim Olson, Paul Reder, Susan Schiavi, Dave Semple, Matt Strus, Alex and
Janet Thomson, Chris and Christina Wilson and your editor, who will go anywhere for free pizza.
Besides the fine collection of people there was also a fine collection of Triumph-related objects,
the most impressive of which was a magnificent quilt made by Linda Jablonski using designs
from well-worn t-shirts (see photo). It was the people and the conversation though
that formed the main event of the evening. Everyone had something to share about
Triumphs, but on the night perhaps the most impressive narrative was that of Mark Barber,
who last year fulfilled one of his post-retirement goals and embarked on a 71-day, 10,000 road
trip across America— and back. He called it The Freedom Tour and his ride was a 1973 TR6
which he has owned since 1981. Mark has chronicled the trip in a website at http://
www.mytr6roadtrip.com/ The password: whereismark

It was a very pleasant gathering with good food and plenty of Triumph camaraderie.

We must do this more often!
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