Triumph Register
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Everyone knows it takes many hands to put on a show. In the theater you not only have the actors, but the director, the stage hands, the musicians, the make-up artists, the camera operators, the caterers and so on and so forth. Our REALLY BIG SHEW, as Ed Sullivan used to say, also requires many hands. Our annual British Motorcar Gathering and Picnic will be here before you know it. Please consider volunteering for one of the following positions:

LBC’s will take the leading roles in this production.

These three jobs need to be done in advance of the show.
Show information/PR – someone to create press release(s) about the show and send to area clubs and media outlets.
Trophies/dash plaque work – requires research of award types, costs, and handling of orders from vendor.
Goody bag and raffle work – requires contacting various suppliers and local businesses and manage the collection of items for the raffle and participant bags.
The following jobs are for the day of the show:
                                                                              Set up signage
                                                                              Registration and Regalia tent set-up
                                                                              Set up PA system
                                                                              Welcome team
                                                                              Raffle ticket sales
                                                                              Ballot counting
                                                                             Awards presentation
                                                                             Regalia sales
                                                                             Take down and clean up
Please consider handling one or more of these jobs. We have lots of infomation for you, if you have questions about what to do, how to do, etc. Just contact any board member for information. We’ll be glad you did!
CTR British Motorcar Gathering and Picnic Volunteer Request!