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CTR British Motorcar Gathering and Picnic Volunteer Request!
Wickham Park Show, Sunday, September 10th

The show coordinators, Chris and Christine Wilson, are looking for a few good helpers to
make the show run smoothly. In their own words: We would like to first remind you of the date and confirm your ability to help out, and ask that you respond by letting us know which of the following “shifts” you would be available to support. Below is a short list of the “shifts” and
tasks needing help. The majority of the work needed is during the 9:30-11:30 time frame.

Once you respond we will organize all volunteers into a schedule for the day of the show. There
will be enough experienced help on hand at the show to help others with what is needed or to
answer questions."

A well-organized car show requires a team effort, and I am sure Chris and Christina will be glad of all the help they can get. You can sign up to help via email to