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CTR Cruise with CT-MG's to Cardone & Daughter Automotive
Weather Clears for CTR Drive to Cardone & Daughter
By Alex Thomson

A few sprinkles were evident on Saturday, May 24th, when we left for the drive to Dave and Nancy Cardone’s shop in Westbrook. Employee Ethan Yates and I headed out in Tweety Bird, the yellow TR6, stopping at a variety of previously established pick-up points in Western Connecticut. Much to our dismay, we found no one waiting for us in Woodbury, Middlebury, Prospect or Cheshire! Did we have the date wrong? Was it the Memorial Day weekend date? Was it the weather? At any rate, once we reached Wallingford, there were three TRs waiting for us. At least we knew we had the date right. We picked up an MG in Durham and continued on our way to Westbrook. The sun was getting brighter as we drove and when we reached our destination on US Rt. 1, it was a perfect weather day. As always, Dave and Nancy Cardone had a warm welcome for members of the CTR and CTMG that made their way to their facility. Hot coffee and doughnuts were in good supply and all of the Cardone folks were eager to show us projects that they had been working on. An Austin-Healey 3000 MK II, owned by CTR member Jeff Fairbairn, was going through a total restoration. Ivan, one of the top techs at Cardone’s, spent time with us explaining how new engine mounts were welded into the frame and the high-end flaring tools needed for installing the all-stainless steel brake lines. We also saw a very nice Volvo 123 equipped with what looked like Panasport wheels.
At around 11:00, it was time to hit the road again, making the trip back to Woodbury. Newly licensed Ethan Yates, my farm employee for three years, took care of the driving chores on the return trip. His extensive time with farm trucks and tractors was evident as he made nearly every shift perfectly, although looking for 5th and 6th gear, as I sometimes do. Often displaying a disdain for automatic transmissions, he made the following comments as we pulled onto our town road: “I always wondered why people drive these older sport cars. Now, I know why! If I had a car like this, I would be driving it whenever I could.” A perfect comment for the end of the day.
Many thanks go to all of the folks at Cardone & Daughter for making the trip rewarding.