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CTR-MG Club Bowling Challenge - March 22nd 2014
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By Alex Thomson

Saturday, March 8th found twenty five bowlers and additional friends from both the CTR and CTMG clubs vying for the annual championship Lord Kegler trophy. The Apply Valley Bowl facility, sporting new score keeping machines and revised seating, provided the venue for this year’s event as it has done so for many years.

Alyssa and Joe Barile, Jay Jablonski, Matt Strus, Stan Chandler, Jean Icaza, Tom and Pat Wengler and Janet and Alex Thomson rounded out the CTR team. Stan was this year’s CTR high point person with a top score of 155 for a single game. Average of all CTR team members was 215.33 for two games while CTMG garnished a win at 237.06 over two games. John Bubela from the MG club returned as the official score keeper, certifying that the results have been “verified and sealed by Grouse and Fife, CPA.”

As per tradition, the friendly match moved from Apple Valley Bowl to Vinnie’s Pizza several miles away where appetites were satiated by four extra-large pizzas and thirsts quenched by a variety of malted and sparkling concoctions (beer and soda). At nine thirty, members from both clubs expressed their approvals, said the usual good-byes and then sauntered off through the darkness, back to their respective homes.

Many thanks go to Matt Strus for organizing the event.