Day With Dave! - Saturday April 5th, 2014
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April 5 was the date for Day with Dave at D&J Car Care Center in Manchester. The weather forecasted the day before talked about some possible showers and we thought we might have some cancellations. Saturday morning started a bit overcast but the British gods were with us and it remained dry. There were 8 sign-ups, the first one scheduled for 8:30 a.m. and the day progressed smoothly and on time!

Some of the things that Dave finds as he is going over a car are the nasty, old fluids, old coolant in the radiator, the rear ends are low on oil, the transmission may be low on oil, and he may find gas in the oil. These are definitely items you want to stay on top of, they need to be checked once a year, and change out the fluids every couple of years. Your car will probably repay you for it by lasting a little longer and running a little better.

 Cliff Lund, brought his 1970 red MGB over to show as he is getting ready to sell it. He says he needs to make room in his garage. John Sturtevant, owner of a MGTD, which he is restoring and has not driven since 1967, stopped by just to visit and talk British cars. Joel M. stopped by to visit D&Jís.
Coffee and donuts were graciously provided by the MG Club and enjoyed by all. All in all, it was a very productive morning, topped off with a very large pizza at noon for all to enjoy, which was provided by Bill Filanowski. Thank you Bill!

We wrapped up pretty quick and made it home just in time to clean up and attend a Boy Scout Eagle Ceremony for one of Hebronís Troop 28 scouts, Greg Harder. You were probably served by Greg at the annual British Motorcar Picnic and Gathering at Wickham Park in the past. Congratulations to Greg!

-- Jean Icaza